Senior Business Analyst - ASHTA - Analytics

Date: Jun 17, 2022

Location: Bangalore / Chennai / Gurgaon , India

Company: Tredence

Job Details

ASHTA* Program (Adjacent Skills Hire, Train & Assign)

ASHTA is a ‘Skill Plus’ program by Tredence in which candidates are hired based on their current expertise and are then trained on advanced data engineering technologies and analytics. It is a rigorous 4–6-week online training program that will help you switch to an adjacent skillset which supplements your core skill. Through this program, you will have access to a customized learning path and dedicated SME mentorship. An excellent opportunity if you are looking to shift gears and advance in your career.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Possesses strong analytical/logical thinking and communication skills
  • Collaborate with the data warehousing team, ensuring that data infrastructure supports the needs of our analytics team and validating data quality
  • Coordinate with business planners and decision makers to translate business questions into verifiable hypothesis and data models
  • Develop clear, concise, actionable models and recommendations from mountains of data
  • Advocate for exploration of interesting data anomalies or patterns that may provide more explanatory detail about customer behaviours or predictive value to the business
  • Partner closely with business and technical teams to understand their project objectives and provide data-driven solutions and recommendations
  • Design and develop data preparation components and processes that extract and transform data across disparate databases for reporting and analytics, ensuring integrity of analysis data by developing the requirement specifications and assisting the development and testing of data tables
  • Ensures solutions are scalable, repeatable, efficient and effective
  • Work hands-on on various analytics problems and provide thought leadership on problems that we are working on
  • Interact with onsite team as well as client on daily/weekly basis to gather requirements/provide updates
  • Be involved in the development of the company through pre-sales/operational support

Qualification & Experience

Who is an ideal candidate?
Analytics: 2-5 yrs. exp. and excellent communication skills

•    Customer Analytics
Your expertise: SQL, Python/R. Experience in Marketing /Campaign Management, Google/Adobe Analytics
You will be trained on: Customer Experience – Segmentation & Personalization

•    Business Intelligence
Your expertise: SQL, Reporting & Automation (Excel or any BI tool)
You will be trained on: Design Thinking, Story Boarding, Tableau/ Looker/Cognos/Power BI